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Painless process to storing documents offsite

Painless process to store your documents 

We take away all the hassle and pain of organising the offsite storage of your documents - from assessing what you need, through the cataloguing procedures to notification of destruction dates.



Archiving to minimise business risk

Archiving to minimise business risk

We minimise your business risk by storing and managing your archive in our custom designed stores. Our expertise is in protecting your valuable company information so that you can stay focused on your business.



Specialists in document archiving for business clients

With over 20 years experience in document storage and archiving, we pride ourselves in a clinical and rigorous approach to the secure storage of records in our care. We continually seek ways to innovate and improve our service, are highly responsive to client needs and believe in openness and integrity. 


Leading business clients

Our market leading clients span a range of sectors from life sciences and medical organisations to multinational manufacturing and public sector through to finance, IT and software companies.  The majority of our clients are in Oxfordshire, across the Thames Valley and in the M4 corridor from Cardiff to London.

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Quality and peace of mind with Ardington Archives

ISO certified for your peace of mind

At Ardington Archives we are proud to hold a number of quality standards, including being awarded the BS EN / ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certification; the ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification; and the ISO 27001 Information Security certification. Our processes are excellent and we maintain the highest quality standards.

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Ardington leve;s

Document archive levels

We have three levels of document storage with increasing layers of security and protection for your valuable archives. The highest level is a PD5454 Security Vault with full temperature and humidity control and fire protection; the mid-level is our Argonite Pods with argonite gas fire protection; and the standard storage is in our Archive Stores. 

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Archiving confidentiality


Confidentiality is at the heart of our business. We do not name our clients to ensure total confidentiality, but we are proud to work with many market leaders and household names. So there will be no name dropping here! 

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Archiving process

Archiving process

There are a number of key sections to professional document archiving and we can guide you through each of these areas to make the process straightforward and manageable.

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Retention periods

Retaining documents

How long do you have to retain records? The answer varies significantly depending on the type of document. It ranges from 3 months to permanently. You can request a copy of our Document Retention Handbook.

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